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Hanni-Watch this space...
Cybart Hannah

Sleep now, rant later!


Ruben-Ninja or Galdiator?

Cybart Ruben

Huzzah! Crossed Wires returns after an unplanned and unexpected 3 week haitus!

It seems i start every news post with an apology these days, but truth be told, we don't really have any real excuse for not having the comic finished on time. Hannah has returned to school and has been concentrating hard on her school work, and i've been busy doing.....not a lot, it has to be said.

The sharp eyed (and technologically stunted) among you will notice that the comic size has shrunk slighlty. This was to make it fit in the screen of users with a 800x600 desktop. We get more hits from higher than 1024 resolutions than we do from lower, but hopefully our small number of 800x600 fans will appreciate the size change, and it'll be too minor for the 1024+ crowd to notice.

Have you been Voting recently? If not, then you have a reason to now, as this image is now available to those who vote!

As of last time, the picture is available in 3 Wallpaper sizes for your desktops, and it features the non-silluete versions of the Girls in their Respectable Gentlemen Attire! This will probably become the end page of our first chapter (which, unless we dont update again for another 3 weeks, is a few weeks away from ending) so here's your chance to see it early and support crossed wires at the same time!

The world of webcomics is buzzing this week! Two guest weeks running at the same time, a great selection are at Questionable Content which features some great strips from Niego and Nothing Nice to Say. Secondly the aclaimed alternative artist Rikk Estobann has taken over Sam and Fuzzy to publish a fascinating week of his morbid and misunderstood works.

In other news my first time at hosting a LAN party was a huge success! It wasn't exactly what some of you kids might call "1337", as we played old games like Age of Empires, GTA II and No one lives forever: The Operative but it was absoultely amazingly good fun. I'm looking forward to the next one already! But first i have to decide on a new case... This one, or this one (in black)....?


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